Lars Harmsen & Raban Ruddigkeit

For more than 30 years Raban Ruddigkeit has been creating & designing magazines, books & other products. From the first & last fanzine of the GDR “Messitsch” to the worldwide bestsellers “Freistil - The Book Of Illustrators”, “Typodarium” & “Photodarium” (both with Lars Harmsen) he has brought a variety of analog & digital media with ideas & realizations to life.

Raban has designed campaigns & corporate designs, taught at the most renowned universities & given moody lectures worldwide. He is one of the most awarded creatives in Germany (Der Tagesspiegel) & one of the top 50 designers in Europe (Designfriends Luxembourg). Pentagram’s Michael Bierut put him in 22019 on his list of People You May Know, Or Not.-)

Professor Lars Harmsen studied visual communication in Basel and Pforzheim and founded the design agency Magma in Karlsruhe while still a student. In 2014 he moved to Munich as partner and creative director of Melville Brand Design. Since 2011 he has been Professor of Concept, Layout and Typography at the University of Dortmund.

He is the founder of the type foundry Volcano-Type and publisher of the Slanted Blog and Magazine (since 2014 by Slanted Publishers, with Julia Kahl). His nationally and internationally award-winning work focuses on typography, corporate and editorial design. He also writes for a variety of design and typography publications.

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