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Author: Lisa-Marie Fechteler


#thenakedtruth #sexduality #selflove

Who am I? What do I want and where do I find myself in a complex social environment? Themes such as sexual self-discovery and the unfolding of our personal facets are often discussed only in our own head. Thus, many communication problems arise between man and woman. This magazine should provide space for perspectives and feelings in bed and heart affection. Perhaps something indecent and controversial, but important to understand yourself and your opposites better! I want to share feelings, views, clean up prejudices and give courage to those on their path of self-discovery.

Creative Lisa-Marie Fechteler
Design Lisa-Marie Fechteler
Volume 118 Pages & Cover
Size 19,5 cm x 25,6 cm
Binding Adhesive binding
Authors A.F., Boonyi, D.R., D. + C., Hendrik Otremba, Lydia Marlen Voelker, Paul Breuer, Ragna Spargel, Vivien Musiol
Photographs Diana Yam Yam, Lisa-Marie Fechteler, Janine Sametzky, Kira Dohrenkamp
Illustrations Inga Krause, Isabell Altmaier
Number of copies 100

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Lisa-Marie Fechteler

About the author

Born in Paderborn, the designer Lisa-Marie Fechteler moved to Münster for studying Communication Design. Obsessed with real feelings, controversial sexuality and analogue photography made her combined everything in her bachelor thesis. Communication is important for everyone. Talk about your feelings and your sex!