Queens Calendar 2020

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Campaign ended unsuccessfully. This product's funding goal was not reached until 24 December 2019.

Author: Tomaso Baldessarini


Identity is a much discussed topic in our society today. We express ourselves visually in ways which are subject to all sorts of prejudices. Dragidentities can operate as a mode of self-realization. But this is about much more than makeup and the right clothes. For queens, their drag persona is a way of life: an abstraction of their own feelings and personality, these fictional identities honestly express each individual’s character. If you look closely, every detail of these images and story reveals a lot about the person behind the character. This involves much more than sexual orientation; a cohesive life story and inner depth are brought to the surface. Without words, these images illustrate their experiences fates and joy. The role enables the real person to appear. These pictures won 6 times at the prestigious PX3 Awards and the International Photography Awards. The release of Queens as a book in 2020 will coincide with exhibitions all over the world. This Calender is supposed to support the Book - Production.

Photographs Tomaso Baldessarini
Creative Tomaso Baldessarini
Design Raban Ruddigkeit
Volume 12 portraits plus calendar
Size 42 x 57 cm (A2)
Binding Wire-O-Bindung
Number of copies 400

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Tomaso Baldessarini

About the author

Tomaso is a graduated B.A in Photography. He works as a fine art photographer focused on large and medium format portraiture and candid street portraiture. His portraits are characterized by their attention to detail, lighting, and post-production. His production standards are of high quality to match his creatively exacting demands. Tomaso’s mission is to tell unique deep stories within his long-term projects, which combine videography and high quality portraiture. Tomaso believes that quality isthe only way to save the future of the creative industry. He won over eight international Prizes during the last four years. In November 2017 he became EIZO GLOBAL AMBASSADOR for Eizo. Since May 2018 official Leica Ambassador.