Daily drawings Calendar 2018

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Author: Joni Majer


365 illustrations as calendar for 2018

This calendar is 7,4 x 10,5 cm and provides one drawing for each single day of the year 2018. Joni Majer, a german illustrator, filled her sketchbook with simple, yet witty ink drawings exactly one year ago to maintain her „daily drawing“ blog.

Everybody who loves twisted thoughts and ironic observations with a hint of philosophy will find an amusing companion for the year 2018 in this tear-off calendar.

Product details

Illustrations Joni Majer
Layout Birte Spreuer
Volume 367 Pages & Cover & Backcover in 2 mm black carton
Size 74 x 105 x 30 mm
Binding block gluing with black glue
Number of copies 250

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Delivery date: If this campaign ends successfully, the product then will be printed and delivered within 4 weeks of the end of the campaign.
Packaging: Shrink wrapped, padded envelope.
Shipping costs: 3,00 € in Germany, 6,00€ in the European Union. (Max. 5 items can be ordered at once.)

Joni Majer

About the author

The illustrator Joni Majer was born in the wild Berlin of the 80s. Now she lives, loves and works happily in the tranquil city Saarbrücken. She draws confused thoughts in the simplest possible way. A few days ago, she won the GoSee-Award in Gold in the Illustration category.