We curate creative products that are ready for production, verified by COBLISHER. Only when they are completely funded through this platform will they be delivered. Should not enough supporters be found, all customers get their money back.

Lea Brousse, Lars Harmsen & Raban Ruddigkeit have invented COBLISHER in 2017 to provide a new audience with good ideas. After 10 years of successful publications, we want to share our experiences with other creative people and help them to develop and distribute their own concepts – limited editions and in best craftsmanship. We are not a publishing house, but a platform that opens up spaces, finds ways and gives ideas new chances. Please contact us and let us work together on the future of creativity!

Lea Brousse was born in Provence, in France in 1984. In 2004 she completed her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology GCEA level. After that she studied Product Design at the first ESAAT Roubaix, and received a BTEC Higher National Diploma in product design in 2006. She moved to Venice and in 2009 obtained a Master’s degree in Product Industrial Design from the University of Architecture IUAV. From 2012 to 2014 she was Lead Designer at Zafin (North America). Since 2016 she is partner and creative director at Brousse & Ruddigkeit Berlin. She works also as illustrator and published her first book “Ficktogram“ by 100FOR10.

Lars Harmsen studied visual communication in Basel and Pforzheim, already founding the design agency MAGMA in Karlsruhe during his time as a student. In 2014 he moved on to Munich as a partner and creative director of Melville Brand Design. Since 2011 he has been a teacher for concept, layout and typography at the University of Dortmund. He is the founder of the type foundry Volcano-Type as well as the editor of the Slanted blog and magazine (since 2014 published by Slanted Publishers, with Julia Kahl). His nationally and internationally award-winning work focuses on typography, corporate and editorial design. Beyond that he writes for a variety of design and typography publications.

Raban Ruddigkeit was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1968. After ten years as designer for magazines and ten years as art director in advertising, he has been linking these two worlds in his own Berlin studio. To date he has won more than 100 national and international awards (Cannes Design Lion, European Design Award, ADC Europe etc). In 2012 his atelier was awarded as “Rookie Agency of the Year” by Art Directors Club and KfW Banking Group. In 2015 he start Brousse & Ruddigkeit, where Lea & Raban work together on thinking design. Raban is the Founder of “Freistil – The Book Of Illustrators” and Co-Editor of “Typodarium”, “Photodarium” (formerly Poladarium) and “Berlin Design Digest”. His publications have been sold worldwide more than 100,000 times.